52 Lists for Happiness to Star the Year off Right

It's always an exciting day when Oprah features your books on her website! If you're a new visitor here, hello! I'm Moorea Seal, the author of 52 Lists for Happiness, The 52 Lists Project, Make Yourself at Home, and founder of mooreaseal.com. I believe in pursuing self care and loving yourself well. And I write books that help you discover your own inner happiness and contentment.

What I've learned about being a list lover is that, whenever I make a list of goals, I always tell myself, "...once I finish this or that, THEN I can be happy." And as soon as I have finished the task I set forth to accomplish, I end up giving myself a million new things I need to do and prove to myself before I allow myself to relax, feel content, or actually be happy. 52 Lists for Happiness is all about making happiness a practice in your life, unlocking your own tools to help you grasp that ever illusive happiness that is actually already inside of you, waiting to be set free. I hope that if you take this journey with me and the hundreds of thousands of other list makers, that you too discover new light, new hope, and new joy within the lists you create. You have everything you need for happiness living inside of you. And I'm here to help.

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