Hello!  I'm Moorea Seal.  I'm a 26 year old full time artist living in the magical city of Seattle.  I'm originally from the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern California and before that, my childhood was spent roaming the wheat fields of my hometown in rural England.  I'm American but am deeply influenced by my British upbringing.  I'm also a bossy but caring eldest sister of 2 younger sisters, a Gemini/Cancer cusp but I act more like a Cancer, a flip flopper between ISFP & INFJ, an outgoing introvert, a control freak/free spirit combo, and a lover not a fighter.  Oh, and I love a serious & deep conversation just as much as I love trying to make people laugh.

I am a jewelry designer and small business owner and plan to expand my business greatly over 2013, just you wait and see :)  Between 2010 & 2012, and in addition to blogging and running my jewelry business, I was a blog designer for Freckled Nest Design and I also did freelance Illustration and Graphic Design.  When it came to illustration and graphic design, I mostly focused in portraiture and album artwork/design.  But in December of 2012, I decided to take an early retirement from Blog Design, Graphic Design & Illustration to fully throw myself into Jewelry & Accessory Design, Blogging, and Online Curation.

I have my B.A. in Studio Art with an Emphasis in Illustration & New Pictures from Seattle Pacific University and I have been working in the arts ever since college.  I was an artist's assistant to the large scale sculptor John Grade during the last few months of college and continued to work with him until 2011.  That was by far the most fun job I have ever held, besides being my own boss of course :)  I also spent many years writing and performing music.  In high school I was a semi professional classical singer and I have been writing folk/indie music since I was 15 and recorded an album when I was 19.  You can see some of my music videos here.  Nowadays I just play guitar and sing for fun in the warmth of my own home.  I sadly don't have time anymore to pursue performing.  But I might just need to start recording covers of my favorite songs to post on my blog sometime soon!

I have been full time self employed since October 2010 and have never been more happy with my career choices.  I juggled A LOT for a few years but with time came to realize that one girl can't do it all.  As awesome as it sounds to be juggling a million different creative jobs, sometimes it is better for the heart to really focus deeply on just a few paths.  Jewelry Design, Blogging, & Curating are the paths for me.  If you have any questions about pursuing a career in the arts, choosing to go freelance, or anything else that you think I might be able to help you with, feel free to contact me here!  In 2013, I will be developing a series on my blog all about how to carve your own creative career path like I did!  It should be lots of fun, but believe me, it's also a lot of hard work! :)

This blog is all about style, design, and women's encouragement & empowerment  :)  I often post about my personal and professional design work, post peeks into my home & my studio, and I document my favorite outfits in my What I Wore series.  I also love to bring encouragement to women who are struggling with self doubt, trauma, and self love.  Check out my Paint Your Love series to find honest and encouraging words about overcoming pains of the past to move towards self love and peace.  And my most popular series on my blog, 52 Lists, is a series for 2013 that is all about writing one list a week that will bring you comfort, inspiration, peace, happiness, and maybe a little fun too!  Feel free to join in at anytime.

If you are looking for discounts and deals in my jewelry shop, be sure to subscribe to my blog where I post updates of my shop as soon as they occur.  I love fashion, so you'll find lots of inspiration on styles, jewelry I've designed, and things I love to wear.  I might have a shoe addiction...  You can find a tour of my home and my workspace and stories about my design process.  And you can even find a few links to my past musical pursuits!  I even had a stint singing in a band called The Mopes back in 2010/2011.

Every so often I post some special treats like DIYs and How To's on subjects like nail art, DIY jewelry displays, and basic tips for painting, blog design, & jewelry design.  And I love getting to feature interviews of some of my favorites designers and bloggers.  As an added bonus, I usually offer a giveaway at least once a month featuring the work of designers, brands, and small businesses that I love.  I hope you have lots of fun exploring my blog and getting little peeks into my world!

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