Hello!  I'm Moorea Seal.  I currently own an online store, mooreaseal.com, and store front in Seattle, WA in partnership with some of my greatest friends.  I'm a lucky lady in that I have kind hearted people who believe in my driven spirit so much so that my cousin, who is also one of my best friends, is my business partner and the women on our staff are some of my most valued friends.  You can learn more about each of us and what we do on our staff by visiting the store's About Us page.

My Background:
I fully believe in this quote by Conan O'Brien, "If you work really hard and are kind amazing things will happen."  I don't come from a financially privileged background.  My dad is an Episcopalian priest, and my mom was not able to work until I was in college for various reasons including a painful struggle with depression and mis-diagnoses of various mental disorders.  I spent a lot of my childhood also battling depression and helping to raise my younger sisters.  And like many people, I owe a lot of my happiness in my adult life to good old therapy.  (Healing old wounds is an incredible thing and I'm happy to share my story with you if you need any encouragement.)  With all gratefulness though, I do come from a family that perseveres through hard times and who band together to help one another progress and become better versions of ourselves.  For that, I am extremely grateful.
After many years of hardship and heartbreak, my family is the happiest and healthiest it has ever been.  And to me, they are the greatest example of where working hard and being kind gets you.  My parents are my heroes.  My dad is open minded and so encouraging, sacrificial, incredibly compassionate and understanding, and the most loving person I know.  I grew up with many an adoptive sibling because of how kindly he mentored so many teens in my hometown community of Nevada City, CA.  My mom is strong, courageous, hilarious, brave, and free.  And if you knew her full life story of what lead her to be an orphan at 17 with no parents or siblings to rely on, you too would find her incredibly admirable.  It took us many years to gain a healthy relationship because of all the scars from her traumatic youth, but after her battle with breast cancer in 2013, we both were able to heal incredible emotional wounds to become closer than I would have ever imagined.  I am a grateful daughter and sister.  My younger sisters are my heart.  I do everything that I do to bring them encouragement, inspiration, love, and comfort.

My Personal Goals:
I'm not interested in throwing pity parties.  But I am interested in being honest and vulnerable with my life so that I can bring a little hope and comfort to anyone who can relate to my stories.  I believe that when you have experienced a fair amount of pain and struggle, you reach a breaking point of making a bigger life decision.  Will you choose to be bitter for the traumas of your past, or will you use your story to do something powerful and giving with your life?  Though like anyone, I have plenty of failures, times when I am negative and just straight up far from my best, I still seek to be kind.  I believe deeply in compassion.  And that is my greatest motivation because kindness takes a hell of a lot of effort.

My Career Goals & Path:
With every career path I embark on, my first goal is in building a life that is sustainable for the people I support and love.  From my family, to my future family, to the people I employ, and the non-profits that we give back to with each sale in my online store and store front, I want to invest in their futures and make sure they can rely on me and trust in what I do and say.  My motto is Do Good, Do Great.  When I work hard for simply my own pleasure, the enjoyment fades and I get lazy.  But when I work hard knowing that my efforts help someone else, then I take that responsibility very seriously and I seek to do my best everyday.  With any and all careers I pursue, I don't do it to be the best of the best.  I do it to try to help create the best for everyone.  I'm no saint, but I fight that fight with passion and sincerity.

In 2009 I graduated college with a BA in Studio Art with an emphasis in Illustration.  And being that the economy had crashed during my senior year, I knew that I was going to have to figure out pursuing my dreams on my own without a financial cushion from a stable job.  I threw myself into blogging, freelance illustration, graphic design, blog designing, and jewelry designing and nannied full time on top of my creative pursuits so that I could simply pay rent and make enough money to eat spaghetti every night.  By 2011 I was able to quit nannying and pursue my creative jobs full time.  But by the end of 2012 I was really burnt out on doing graphic design, blog design, and illustration.  Sometimes, just because people tell you you are good at something, you don't have to devote your life to it.  But at the same time, it's very important to not make rash decisions about the things that keep you fed and sheltered at night.
Thankfully, my jewelry line started to take off in 2012 and I was able to devote my main focus to designing jewelry, selling my jewelry online and at street fairs in Seattle, and stocking it in stores around the world.  And when I began to see my following on Pinterest blow up in 2013, I started to see room for one of my lifelong dreams to come true.
All my life I had wanted to be a museum curator, but I firstly did not have the memorization capabilities to survive as an Art History major, secondly did not have the grades to get into a well known college, and thirdly did not have the finances to go to a school that could get me on track to become a museum curator.  Because of Pinterest, I felt like I suddenly had a space where people really liked what I curated (Barf, yes I am starting to think the word "curated" is just as stuffy as it sounds).   And because I just kept seeing my Pinterest following rise and rise as I pinned more and more of the things that I love and take inspiration from, I decided, maybe I can meld my love of design, fashion, and merchandising (a less snooty sounding word for curating more applicable to products) into a new space!
My cousin Reed, who is also a mentor, teacher, and best friend to me, and I had been chatting for years about how one day we wanted to go into business together.  So as we chatted about the idea of opening a store together in late 2012 and early 2013, and the idea began to feel more and more attainable.  So in the Spring of 2013, we decided to partner together with a tiny but significant to us financial investment and a huge time and emotional investment and sacrifice to us to make mooreaseal.com a reality.  We wanted to create a space that blended quality and unique design and style with an greater mission to do good for others.  And since it's beginnings in July of 2013, our site has just been growing like wildfire.  It's grown so much so that we decided to expand to include a store front in Seattle, WA in May of 2014!  Woohoo!  You can find me in the store almost everyday of the week at 2523 3rd Ave, Seattle WA 98121.
Our goal is to promote brands we love, from well known brands to designers and artisans who are just starting their journeys as business owners, and to give back to causes we believe in.  7% of all of the proceeds from our online store and store front go to non-profits.  It makes me happy knowing that the more success that our stores gain, the more we get to give back to causes we love.  I want to do good, and do great and I hope I can encourage you to do the same, pursuing the things that bring you happiness and fulfillment.