Paint Your Love

Hello beautiful you :) The "Paint Your Love" series is all about helping YOU recognize your worth, how to invest in yourself and be proud of who you are and working towards fully loving yourself. This blog series started with my own personal journey in learning how to accept and love myself with all of my bumps and bruises. It began in January of 2011 when I decided to go to counseling to heal some really deep trauma from my childhood and college years. I chose to open myself up on my blog about my journey towards feeling more balanced in my emotions and confident in myself. I needed to accept the pains of my past as simply experiences that have shaped the woman I am today. And I needed to learn to take the time each week to sit, reflect, and remember my incredible value as an individual, as a woman with a complex past and an honest and open heart.
My goal in inviting you to join in painting your nails each week is to encourage you to remember to take time each week to invest in yourself. Let your painted nails be a reminder each week that you have invested in yourself because you deserve to be treated well, not only by others but by yourself! You are valuable no matter what you have been through in your life. You have continuing opportunities to learn to love yourself more, to change and grow, to find the most joyful and confident person inside of you and to spread that love to others.
My greatest joy is found in helping others remember that everyone is deserving of love and helping others learn to love themselves, one step at a time. And that is what this series is all about! So get excited to begin your self love journey. I am here for you, your fellow bloggers and blog readers are here for you. We are in this together and we all have the opportunity to learn new ways to love ourselves more with every new day :)

Facts about this project: 
1. With each post in this series, I share a little story about my own self realizations.
2. I paint my nails a new color each week to remember the ways I want to improve myself and love myself more.
3. I seek to bring encouragement and inspiration through my words.
4. With each post, I encourage you to either paint your nails to have a visual reminder of what you are working on that week or to create some other sort of visual reminder of what you are working towards.
5. There are no requirements :) Simply read the posts that speak to you whenever you want to. And remember you have a new day everyday to make the choice to invest in you!

Every week is a new chapter. We all go through really hard times where we are up, where we are down. And this project is not about winning, not about always being the best, not about always doing things perfectly. It is simply a weekly reminder that you deserve to love yourself and invest in you. This is a reminder that each week is a new fresh opportunity to seek loving you. If you had a crappy week last week, lets try and make this week better :) If you had a great week last week and you are fearing a downfall in the future, lets work to erase that fear, seeking to let life happen as it will and remaining confident in ourselves through all experiences, good and bad. You are worth it. And I am excited to remind you and myself that we are lovely and worthy of the greatest love!

The Posts:
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We Are in this TOGETHER:
I want you to know I am so proud of you. Never give up on loving yourself. You are never a failure. You always have second chances. Keep trying. I believe in you and I am here for you. <3 You deserve love.

If you would like to spread the love, go ahead and grab a button to post on your blog.  Let's make sure we spread the world of love to not just ourselves but all of our friends as well. <3